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            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            M A K I NG A DIFFER E N C E Edith Cowan University Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 1

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            Our world is more dynamic than ever before, creating new ideas and new possibilities. So how do you engage with this ever-changing environment? You learn. And the best way to learn is from experience. ECU is a university for our times, where students learn in hands-on environments and in industry relevant courses. Our lecturers have extensive experience in their fields and place the needs of students above all else. We’re a university where you can learn the combination of theory and practical skills needed to take advantage of every opportunity.

            Skills that will allow you to understand and meet new challenges, and to thrive in an evolving world. Are you ready?

            Apply to ECU for 2017. ECU is committed to reconciliation and recognises and respects the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ communities, cultures and histories. ECU acknowledges and respects the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as the traditional custodians of the land. ECU acknowledges and respects its continuing association with Nyoongar people, the traditional custodians of the land upon which its campuses stand. Contents Vice-Chancellor’s Message 3 About Perth 4 About ECU 6 ECU Fast Facts 7 Study Abroad & Exchange at ECU 8 Our Campuses 10 Facilities, 5360彩票官网 & Support 12 Fees 14 Important Information 15 Accommodation 16 Relevant and Flexible Study Options 18 Schools 19 Arts & Humanities 20 Business & Law 24 Engineering & Technology 26 Medical & Health Sciences 28 Nursing & Midwifery 30 Science 32 Teacher Education 34 Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) 36 Kurongkurl Katitjin – Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research 38 Study Abroad & Exchange Entry Requirements 40 Undergraduate & Postgraduate English Requirements 41 How to apply? 42 Important Links 43 2

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            Vice-Chancellor’s Message There are many benefits in overseas study: it gives you the opportunity to travel to exciting destinations while also gaining credits towards your degree; it provides opportunities for personal growth and improving employment options and it also looks great on a résumé and may give you a competitive edge in a tight employment market. At ECU, we appreciate that choosing a destination is a big decision. Finding a good fit for your academic and professional goals as well as the right ‘5360彩票官网-away-from-5360彩票官网’ is important. With ECU’s extensive range of subject areas, quality teaching, great facilities, welcoming culture and friendly environment, coupled with our location in the beautiful state of Western Australia, we hope that your decision is made easier.

            Teaching at ECU is designed to get you job-ready and equip you with the skills and knowledge upon which to build a rewarding career. Our campuses at Joondalup, Mount Lawley and the South West (Bunbury) each have their own culture, yet they are united by the incredible diversity of the people working and studying there.

            The many exciting opportunities available to you through the ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program are detailed in this brochure. For more information, our friendly staff are available to talk to you about ECU as your potential study abroad destination. Make this your milestone year and find out more about how ECU’s Study Abroad and Exchange Program can help you get ready for your future career. Professor Steve Chapman Vice-Chancellor 3

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            About Perth Perth is the capital city of Western Australia (commonly referred to as WA), which is the largest state in Australia.

            Averaging 3000 hours of sunshine per year, Perth is the only Australian capital where you can appreciate the beach lifestyle, savour world-class local products, enjoy a beautiful ocean sunset and unwind in the bushland, all within a 30-minute drive from the city centre. Perth has a vibrant restaurant and food scene, with more than 100 new restaurants and pubs opening in the past two years. Getting around Perth Perth has a modern and a very safe public transport system and as a full-time international student, you receive a discount on Perth’s public transport network. Within the Perth CBD, there is also a free bus service accessible to everyone.

            During your orientation session at ECU, you will be issued a SmartRider card, which you will be able to use on all public transport in Perth. Visit the Transperth website transperth.wa.gov.au for more information about travelling on buses and trains. Perth has four distinct seasons: Season Month Average maximum temperature Average minimum temperature Average days of rainfall per month Average hours of sunshine per day Summer Dec/Jan/Feb 29 °C 17°C 4 11 Autumn Mar/Apr/May 24 °C 14°C 9 7 Winter Jun/Jul/Aug 18 °C 10°C 18 5 Spring Sep/Oct/Nov 21 °C 12 °C 11 9 Perth Time zone Perth’s local time is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, which is the same time zone as many countries in Asia.

            Climate Perth has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild wet winters; there is very little rainfall in summer with most of the rainfall coming in winter. However, even in winter, Perth still enjoys plenty of warm sunshine, so it is no wonder Western Australians love the outdoors. 4

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            Food Strong multiculturalism and immigration have contributed to Perth’s diverse cuisine. Indeed, Perth offers a wide variety of cuisines such as Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Indian, Japanese and Korean. Languages English is Australia’s official language. However, because of the large European and Asian immigrant population, there is a wide range of other languages spoken such as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Tamil and Vietnamese.

            • Free Wi-Fi The City of Perth as well as the City of Joondalup offer free public Wi-Fi around the Central Business District, which allows users to connect to the internet for basic browsing. Beaches Perth is 5360彩票官网 to some of the best beaches in the world (TripAdvisor 2014). With 19 beautiful white sand beaches, there is one to suit your needs: Cottesloe for swimming, surfing, and snorkelling (a definite favourite amongst teens and young adults); Scarborough for stellar windsurfing and surfing conditions; Trigg for surfing and catching the most magnificent waves; City Beach for body boarding or fishing; Floreat for relaxing and enjoying the sound of the waves – just to name a few. Perth Fast Facts
            • The Economist Intelligence Unit has rated Perth one of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world for the past 13 years (2004-16).
            • Perth was also rated in the top 30 Best Student Cities in the World (QS, London 2012-2013).
            • 44% of international students in Western Australia work part-time with an average wage of $19.70 per hour (StudyPerth survey, 2013).
            • Rottnest Island, located off the coast of Western Australia, was ranked number one in the list of top Australian destinations (The Australian, 2014).
            • Perth has the largest inner city park in the world. Kings Park, in fact, is even larger than Central Park in New York. Kings Park and Botanic Garden has been ranked as the best park in Australia – and ranked sixth best park in the world (TripAdvisor, June 2014).

            Population: Perth: 2 million Western Australia: 2.58 million Australia: 24 million Perth 5

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            About ECU At Edith Cowan University (ECU), we equip you with the confidence and practical skills to deal with whatever challenges may come your way, no matter where you are in the world. We are known for our award winning facilities and are at the forefront of providing innovative education and training solutions. We offer a supportive study environment with approachable teaching staff and a range of support staff. This includes counsellors and academic skills advisers, to help you get the most out of your education.

            Who was Edith Cowan? Born in 1861 in Glengarry, Western Australia, Edith Dircksey Cowan believed education was the key to growth, change and improvement. Edith’s contribution to the development of Western Australian education was significant. She strove to achieve social justice and campaigned for the rights of women, children and families, for the poor, the poorly educated and the elderly. So it’s fitting that the oldest education institution and newest public university, Edith Cowan University, bears her name.

            25 Years of making of difference Established in 1991, ECU has rapidly developed into a modern institution that focuses on both research excellence and quality teaching.

            2016 marks ECU’s 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century sounds like a long time, but in reality, 25 years goes quickly. So it’s remarkable that in such a short time ECU has developed into an educational force to be reckoned with. Over the past 25 years, we have demonstrated the ability to grow and adapt with a fast-evolving world. Our campuses are world-class and our achievements continue to benefit communities around us and afar. 6

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            Rankings Five-Star Teaching Quality ECU has been rated the maximum five stars for teaching quality for the eighth year in a row by the Good Universities Guide. In the 2017 Guide, graduates also rated ECU five stars for overall education experience, skills development, student support and graduate salary levels. 2016 U-Multirank There’s good news for ECU graduates in the latest university rankings, with ECU receiving the highest rating of ‘very good’ for Bachelor and Masters graduates finding work locally, as well as ‘very good’ ratings for its close links with local communities to generate research publications, research income and student internships.

            Times Higher Education ECU has been named in the Times Higher Education (THE) 150 under 50 rankings for 2016. ECU was also named in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2015. In addition, ECU was named in the Times Higher Education (THE) top 200 list of the Most International Universities in the world.

            ECU Fast Facts 68,000 More than 68,000 people have graduated from ECU since 1991 8 ECU has 8 schools 3 ECU has 3 campuses 100 ECU has international students originating from more than 100 countries 4,300 ECU has some 4,300 international students 27,000 ECU has over 27,000 students 1,700 ECU has around 1,700 staff 7

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            Study Abroad & Exchange at ECU One of the great things about studying abroad or on exchange at ECU is that you can pick and choose units from the many study areas offered across the university. If you are still deciding what career path you would like to pursue, why not study a bit of everything while at ECU to get a taste of what options there are out there.

            We offer a supportive study environment with approachable teaching staff, as well as a range of support staff including counsellors and academic skills advisors, to assist you on your learning journey. Our campuses offer sporting and fitness facilities, recreational and social clubs and societies, cafés, childcare centres, security services and more – all to enhance your university experience.

            ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program The ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program offers an enriching international experience that can help you broaden your academic, professional and personal horizons. Through the ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program, you can study at ECU for one or two semesters as part of your degree in your 5360彩票官网 country5360彩票官网. The ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program attracts over 100 international students each year from many countries including Austria, Belgium, Canada, China5360彩票官网, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and the United States.

            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University
            • Exchange Students If your 5360彩票官网 university has an official exchange agreement with ECU, you can apply through your 5360彩票官网 university to be nominated to ECU as an exchange student. As an exchange student at ECU, you continue to pay your tuition fees to your 5360彩票官网 university while on exchange and you would not pay any tuition fees to ECU. You should contact the International Office at your 5360彩票官网 university for further information on how you can be nominated to ECU as an exchange student. Study Abroad Students If your 5360彩票官网 university does not have an official exchange agreement with ECU or if your 5360彩票官网 institution is unable to offer you an exchange place at ECU, you could apply to study at ECU as a study abroad student. Study abroad students pay a set study abroad tuition fee per semester to ECU, which is subject to annual change. What does the Study Abroad and Exchange Program include?
            • ECU Enrolment (prior to arrival) – We know how important unit selection and enrolment is when studying abroad, so you will be able to enrol online for your semester prior to your arrival here. We can assist you with your enrolment.
            • Pre-departure information.
            • Arrival reception.
            • Orientation Program including My International Day welcome.
            • Buddy Program – You can register to be matched up to a current ECU student volunteer (buddy) to help you adjust more quickly to your new academic and cultural environment.
            • Involvement with the ECU community.
            • You will be invited to promote your 5360彩票官网 country5360彩票官网 and university through participation in our annual promotional events.
            • ECU Statement of Academic Record (Transcript) – You will receive one free official transcript showing the ECU units you complete and the grades/marks received. 9
            Study Abroad & Exchange 2017 - Edith Cowan University

            Western Australia Perth Bunbury Joondalup Mount Lawley Our Campuses We pride ourselves on our industry-relevant, world-class facilities that allow you to experience modern equipment in real-world environments. All of our campuses can be accessed conveniently via public transport.

            ECU Joondalup Campus from Perth city by train ECU Mount Lawley Campus from Perth city by bus ECU South West Campus from Perth city by car 30 mins 20 mins 100 mins ECU Joondalup Our Joondalup Campus is set within beautiful surroundings and its spacious grounds provide a great place for students to study and relax.

            • Ngoolark 2015 saw the opening of our new building: Ngoolark. This is a one-stop-shop, bringing most student related services under one roof. ECU Joondalup Pines outdoor cinema During the summer months, we host the Lotterywest Festival Films at the ECU Joondalup Pines Outdoor Cinema, where moviegoers can enjoy watching a diverse line-up of international films. Joondalup city highlights
            • Located in the heart of the northern suburbs
            • 26km from Perth CBD
            • Relaxed and casual atmosphere
            • Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City is the largest shopping centre in Western Australia
            • Free bus service 10

            ECU Mount Lawley Located in the trendy suburb of Mount Lawley and close to Perth Central Business District (CBD), you can’t help but be inspired by the artistic vibe at our Mount Lawley Campus. World-class facilities ECU is proud to announce a $5 million investment in the infrastructure and equipment for a new communications and arts hub on our Mount Lawley Campus. The new $4 million hub contains facilities for design, visual arts, fashion, broadcasting, animation, photomedia, motion capture and film. A further $1 million is being invested in new technologies and software. WAAPA Our Mount Lawley Campus is 5360彩票官网 to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the hundreds of performances and events that they host each year.

            • Mount Lawley city highlights
            • Festivals – Comedy Festival / International Film Festival
            • Vibrant night life
            • Local and international cuisine
            • Located only 3km from Perth CBD ECU South West Located less than 200km south of Perth, our South West Campus in Bunbury is the largest university campus in regional Western Australia. It has it all The campus features a café, mini-gym, multi-purpose sports courts, two nursing demonstration wards, science laboratories and a library with 24-hour access to a computer lab.
            • Bunbury city highlights
            • Third largest city in Western Australia
            • Only 100km from the beautiful country5360彩票官网 town of Margaret River (known for its wine, good food, surfing spots and spectacular scenery) Below: ECU Mount Lawley Campus Right: ECU South West Campus 11

            Facilities, 5360彩票官网 & Support At ECU, we provide a supportive learning environment through our excellent range of facilities, services and support programs. Student Central On each campus, Student Central is your point of reference for all enquiries regarding academic progress and enrolment assistance, as well as for a range of support services. Academic support Our Learning Consultants are always on hand to assist you with a range of study skills and advice on preparing assignments. They conduct workshops, prepare academic skill resources, support other academic staff in promotion of tertiary literacy skills and see students one-on-one and in group consultations.

            • Facilities
            • Fully-equipped modern libraries
            • E-labs available 24-hour/7days/52 weeks
            • Free Wi-Fi
            • Over 5,100 parking bays across all campuses
            • On-campus accommodation Food and retail
            • Cafés and other food outlets
            • Hairdresser (Joondalup Campus)
            • Optometrist (Joondalup Campus)
            • Bookshops
            • ATMs
            • Co-op Shop to assist you with all your educational needs ECU’s Equity, Diversity and Disability ECU’s Equity, Diversity and Disability (EDD) services support students whose studies may be affected by a medical condition or disability, either their own or that of a family member, in accessing support and services that can help them succeed. EDD staff can assist with arranging alternative assessment conditions, access to some aids and equipment, note taking, AUSLAN interpreting and transcription services. Every campus has a specially designed Accessible Technologies Room that provides students with access to adjustable chairs and desks, specialised software, computer, scanner and other adaptive technology. All ECU locations have access for people with disabilities. Visit ecu.edu.au/campus-maps for details and to view ECU’s access and mobility maps.
            • Health and wellbeing
            • Medical Centres (Joondalup and Mount Lawley campuses)
            • Free Counselling service
            • Multi-faith Chaplaincy service
            • Fully-equipped sports, recreation and fitness centres (Joondalup and Mount Lawley campuses)
            • Mini-gym and playing courts (Bunbury Campus) Security and parking
            • Security service (24/7)
            • Well-lit pathways
            • Emergency phones
            • Night security escort
            • Over 5,000 parking bays across all campuses Smoking policy All ECU campuses and facilities are smoke-free, including the Campus Living Village.
            • Recreational and social opportunities
            • Student Guild
            • Clubs and societies
            • Intervarsity sports
            • Taverns (Joondalup and Mount Lawley campuses) Additional support
            • Fully-equipped, modern libraries
            • 24-hour on-campus computing facilities
            • Course Information Hub
            • Academic Mentoring
            • Volunteering Program 13

            Fees Tuition fees Tuition fees are only applicable for study abroad students as exchange students do not pay their tuition fees to ECU. The indicative study abroad tuition fee rates for 2017 are: 3 units: AUD $7,650 4 units: AUD $10,200 Some units may have additional fees attached to them that must be paid by the student.

            For example if a unit includes a field trip or has special lab needs. Other expenses You will be responsible for purchasing textbooks and any equipment required for your course. The cost of these items varies widely from one course to another. Other expenses that you may incur include food, parking, consumables such as stationery and photocopying, as well as transport costs to and from university, including any work placements or off-campus activities.

            Living costs Whether you live on-campus or off-campus, you should budget about $365 per week for your living costs. Please note that this does not include tuition fees, textbooks, running a car or holiday travel. Overseas Student Health Cover If you are applying for a Student Visa, you are required to arrange Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before your arrival in Australia, and maintain cover for the full length of your visa. OSHC is a basic health insurance product designed to be equivalent to Medicare (for Australian citizens). It covers emergency medical conditions, public hospitals and most of the costs of visiting a doctor.

            Please note that pre-existing illnesses may not be covered. Additional cover for private hospitals and supplementary services such as dental, optical and physiotherapy is available at additional cost. ECU can assist you in arranging cover on your behalf.

            Cost Single: $600 Per Year (approximate) 14

            Important Information Visa conditions As an international student studying in Australia on a student visa, or other visa types, there are a number of conditions attached to the granting of your visa. Visit border.gov.au/trav/stud to obtain more information. Education 5360彩票官网 for Overseas Students (ESOS) The Education 5360彩票官网 for Overseas Student Act 2000 (ESOS Act) provides important safeguards for overseas students in Australia. The ESOS Act regulates the activities of education providers, like ECU, who deliver education and training to international students by setting standards and providing for tuition and financial assurance.

            ECU’s teaching and support of international students are guided and monitored by the Department of Education under the Education 5360彩票官网 for Overseas Students (ESOS) Framework. Visit internationaleducation.gov. au/Regulatory-Information/Pages/ Regulatoryinformation.aspx for more information.

            ECU’s International Student Tuition Fee Refund Policy ECU’s International Student Tuition Fee Refund Policy applies to international students who cease or do not begin studying at ECU. The purpose of the policy is to clarify your entitlement to refund of fees and relevant processes, as required under government regulation. Visit ecu.edu.au/GPPS/policies to view ECU’s International Student Tuition Refund Policy. Independent International Students Conciliator The Department of Education 5360彩票官网 (Western Australia) offers a free mediation/conciliation service through the International Student Conciliator.

            The Conciliator attempts to resolve disputes between international students and institutions, as part of the institutions’ internal complaints and appeals procedure. Visit des.wa.gov.au/ internationaleducation/ieconciliation/ Pages/default.aspx for more information. 15

            Accommodation At ECU, we have excellent on-campus accommodation on all three of our campuses. In 2015, brand new accommodation opened at our Joondalup Campus. This multi-million dollar development offers modern apartments over seven floors of accommodation and a range of enjoyable facilities, including a recreation room, barbeques, and a swimming pool. Our recently constructed student accommodation at our Mount Lawley Campus features state-of-the-art facilities such as a pool, café, student lounges with Wi-Fi, e-library and more.

            On-campus accommodation Campus Living Villages (CLV) manages our accommodation on the Joondalup, Mount Lawley and Bunbury campuses.

            No matter which campus you are on, you will enjoy an exciting residential life program and a vibrant student community, all located minutes from the University’s main facilities. Apartments are fully furnished with private bedrooms, large kitchens and spacious lounge areas, so you will have plenty of space to hang out with friends and flatmates. Due to the high demand for on-campus accommodation, we recommend that you visit ecuvillage.com.au and make your online application early. Please note that a minimum stay applies.

            Single room from: $229 / week Multi bed apartment (six bedrooms) from: $185 / week Above: ECU Village Mount Lawley Campus Left: ECU Village Joondalup Campus 16

            5360彩票官网stay You can also choose to live in a private 5360彩票官网 with an Australian family. The chance to be involved in the daily life, the learning of our culture and customs, plus the added advantage of having the company of other people are just some of the reasons 5360彩票官网stay is popular. Placement fee There is a $240 administration fee for placement in a 5360彩票官网stay 5360彩票官网. 5360彩票官网stay prices/meal requirements may vary depending on individual arrangements.

            You can request a 5360彩票官网stay placement before leaving your 5360彩票官网 country5360彩票官网 and you will be notified of your family details so that you can go straight to your 5360彩票官网stay family from the airport.

            Visit 5360彩票官网staynetwork.org/edith-cowanuniversity for more information. Rental accommodation Some students choose to rent an apartment, townhouse or house on their own or with fellow students. Houses are usually more expensive than apartments and the rent varies depending on the size, condition and location. Private accommodation is either rented furnished or unfurnished. Off-campus support If you want to find off-campus accommodation, the ECU Village hosts an online list of off-campus accommodation options close to each campus. For a list of available listings, visit: Joondalup Campus ecuvillage.com.au/joondalup/ off-campus-accommodation Mount Lawley Campus ecuvillage.com.au/mt-lawley/ off-campus-accommodation 17

            Relevant and Flexible Study Options As an exchange or study abroad student at ECU you can pick and choose units from the many study areas offered across the University to make up your individual semester schedule. So whether you need to find specific units that match your degree in your 5360彩票官网 country5360彩票官网, or you are looking to study something completely new, you’re sure to find units to suit your needs. What’s the difference between a unit and a course? The individual classes that you can take at ECU are known as ‘units’ (sometimes referred to as ‘modules’ or ‘courses’ at institutions in the northern hemisphere).

            The word ‘course’ at ECU actually refers to a full degree program, not the individual units. As a study abroad or exchange student at ECU, you will not be studying towards an ECU course/degree program. You will instead be able to choose individual units from our different study areas. How many units will I study during my semester at ECU? A standard full-time semester study load is 60 credit points in the ECU credit system. Most ECU units are worth 15 credit points, so students will study four units per semester to make up their full-time semester study load. However, some ECU units are worth 10 or 20 credit points, so the number of ECU units you take to make up your 60 credit points for your semester may vary.

            You should speak to the International Office at your 5360彩票官网 institution for advice on how the units you study at ECU will be credited back to your 5360彩票官网 institution degree. Academic credit transfer is at the discretion of your 5360彩票官网 institution. What will my semester study timetable look like? There are thirteen teaching weeks during the ECU semester and you will normally have classes each week for each unit in which you are enrolled. The ECU semester also includes a mid-semester break (normally one week where you can catch up on class work or do some travel to explore the surrounding areas) as well as a study week before the commencement of the examination period at the end of the semester.

            The total number of weekly on campus contact hours will depend on the number and type of units you select. Sample of a weekly class timetable: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:30am MAT1108 (Laboratory) FRE1101 (Seminar) 9:30am MAN1100 (Lecture) 10:30am MAN1100 (Lecture) 11:30am 12:30pm Lunch 1:30pm MAT1108 (Laboratory) 2:30pm SCH1101 (Tutorial) SCH1101 (Tutorial) 3:30pm 4:30pm 18

            How do I find my units? The best way to search for units at ECU is to visit the latest available ECU Handbook http://handbook.ecu.edu.au. From the Handbook you can: 1) Enter a keyword or subject title in the search box.

            You will be given a list of courses, unit sets or units that contain that keyword or title. You may need to peruse through the various courses to find particular units in your subject area. 2) You can refine your search by using the ‘Filter Search’ function on the left hand side. This will help you search via our Schools or by Postgraduate or Undergraduate.

            3) Visit the ECU Semester Timetable apps.wcms.ecu.edu.au/semester-timetable/ overview to find when and on which campus a particular unit is offered. You will need to enter the Unit Code or the Unit Title into the semester timetable search fields. For example, Semester 2, 2016 is indicated as 162 in the timetable, Semester 1, 2017 will be 171 and Semester 2, 2017 will be 172. The Handbook will show the unit code and title (for example, MKT3120 International Marketing) its number of credit points and provide a brief description of the unit as well as listing any prerequisite requirements that need to be satisfied before enrolment can be approved in that unit.

            Make sure you find more units than you need as not all units listed in the ECU Handbook are offered every semester. We suggest you select all your units from one campus to minimise travel time between campuses. Schools There are a range of ECU units at both undergraduate and postgraduate* levels offered across the following schools:
            • Arts & Humanities
            • Business & Law
            • Engineering & Technology
            • Medical & Health Sciences
            • Nursing & Midwifery
            • Science
            • Teacher Education
            • Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts You also have the option of studying units within ECU’s Kurongkurl Katitjin – Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research, or you can experience regional Western Australia by studying units on the ECU South West (Bunbury) Campus. Further information about our different study areas, including sample units offered, is provided on the following pages.

            Restrictions may apply. 19

            Arts & Humanities Explore the complexities of the human mind, immerse yourself in a creative and engaging environment and make a contribution to improving people’s quality of life. ECU’s new School of Arts and Humanities offers over sixty programs across all three ECU campuses, including specialist and interdisciplinary courses in the arts, design, media and communications, psychology and criminology, and the social sciences. Our flexible course structures allow open access to electives in all areas of the School to encourage multi–skilling, improve employment prospects and to promote a broader understanding of how the arts and humanities play a central role in the social and cultural fabric of our society.

            World-class facilities In 2016, ECU made a major commitment to the arts through a $5 million investment in Arts and Humanities facilities. The re-housing of the design, photography and media studios, along with the refurbishment of the visual art and fashion areas, provide world-class facilities for staff, students and researchers. 20

            • Arts & Humanities units at ECU You’re sure to find arts and humanities units at ECU to suit your study needs. Below is just a sample of some of the interesting units available. Advertising
            • ADV2105 Consumer Behaviour
            • ADV2107 Strategic Branding
            • ADV2220 Advertising Management Arts (South West Campus)
            • CCI1103 Region and Culture
            • CCC1106 Popular Media
            • CCC1101 Texts and Meanings
            • CCC3102 Writing for the Real
            • CCC3103 Literature and Social Change
            • CCC3109 Speculative Fiction
            • CCC3210 Creative Writing
            • CCC3211 Narrative and Film
            • CCC3217 Writing for Publication
            • WRT1103 Creativity and Writing Broadcasting and Journalism
            • BRO2000 Radio Newsroom
            • BRO2025 Broadcasting Skills
            • BRO3001 TV Journalism
            • JOU2107 Political Journalism
            • JOU3205 Newsroom Journalism Forensic Investigation
            • CRI1104 The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour
            • CRI3108 Justice and Forensic Science Children and Family Studies
            • CHN1101 Ecology of Children and Families 1
            • CHN3130 Purpose of Play
            • CHN3202 Child Rearing Counselling
            • COU1101 Dynamic Models of Counselling
            • COU1202 Cross Cultural Therapeutic Practice
            • COU3202 Sexuality and Therapeutic Practice “My experience at ECU in Perth has been fantastic!” ECU’s facilities, lecturers, and students have all been excellent. In Perth, I feel closer to nature. Whenever I need to relax or when I want to take a break from my studies, I always end up at Kings Park or at one of Perth’s many beaches. Studying abroad has given me the opportunity to appreciate my country5360彩票官网’s culture as well as other countries’ cultures; a truly once in a lifetime experience!

            Haruka Aikawa Japan 21

            • Creative Industries
            • ANI3231 Digital Video 2
            • DEF1106 Collaborative Design
            • DES2101 Design Practices: Identity
            • DES2203 Design Practices: Publication
            • DES2206 Design Practices: Animation
            • DES3102 Illustration
            • IMM1122 Publishing on the World Wide Web
            • IMM3205 3D Animation
            • FAV2150 Screen Production
            • FAV2102 Scriptwriting Short Films
            • FAV2117 The Documentary
            • GDT2105 Writing for Games
            • GDT3101 Game Culture
            • GDT3103 Serious Gaming
            • GDT3106 Game Level Design
            • PHO1105 Photo Work
            • PHO3102 Photomedia Aesthetics and Histories
            • TDD2101 3D Design Practices: Drawing in Space
            • TDD3210 Glass Design Criminology
            • CRI1103 Criminology
            • CRI2202 Youth Justice
            • CRI3109 International Human Rights
            • CRI3112 Operational Policing English
            • ENG3050 Poetry and Passion
            • ENG3165 Australian Fiction Fashion
            • FAS1101 Materials and the Body
            • FAS2101 Reconstructing the Garment
            • FAS2103 Fabric Manipulation French
            • FRE1101 French (Introductory 1)
            • FRE2201 French (Intermediate 1)
            • FRE3311 French (Advanced 1) History
            • HIS1106 Themes in Australian History
            • HIS3101 Human Rights: Struggles for Global Justice
            • HIS3105 Criminal Underworlds: Crime and Society Since 1800
            • HIS3124 The History and Sociology of Genocide Japanese
            • JLS1101 Japanese (Introductory 1)
            • JLS2201 Japanese (Intermediate 1)
            • JLS3311 Japanese (Advanced 1) Politics and International Relations
            • POL3103 Terrorism
            • POL3109 China5360彩票官网: The Rise of a Global Power
            • POL3110 Global Politics and the Environment
            • POL3127 Australian Government 22
            • Psychology
            • PSY1204 Social Determinants of Behaviour
            • PSY2305 Individual Differences
            • PSY3343 Abnormal Psychology Social Science
            • CSV1101 Introduction to Community Work
            • CSV3101 Social Policy
            • CSV3105 Gender Issues: Terms and Debates Social Work (South West Campus)
            • RPS1130 Rural, Regional and Remote Community Development
            • SWK1106 Psychology for Social Work
            • SWK1107 Introduction to Australian Society
            • SWK2108 Addictions and Practice
            • SWK2010 Theory and Practice for Child Protection
            • SWK2111 Aboriginal Histories of the Present
            • SWK2112 Australian Politics and Policy
            • SWK2114 Community Health and Well-being
            • SWK3113 Social Work and Mental Health Visual Arts
            • VIS1303 Introduction to Drawing
            • VIS1305 Materials and Methods: Approaches to Studio
            • VIS2315 Art History: Enduring Traces
            • VIS2525 Printmaking: Mapping Self and World
            • VIS3531 Sculpture: Art and Environment Visual Art (SW)
            • VIS1303 Introduction to Drawing
            • VIS2505 Printmaking
            • VIS2507 Sculpture
            • VIS2509 Painting
            • VIS2530 Field and Studio
            • VIS2601 Art in Context
            • VIS3503 Creativity and Reflexivity
            • VIS3602 Studio and Professional Practice Writing
            • WRT3105 Writing Drama
            • WRT3106 Writing Therapy
            • WRT3114 Writing and Editing
            • WRT3120 Biographical and Autobiographical Writing Youth Work
            • YWK1220 Youth Issues
            • YWK3211 Inclusive Youth Work Practice 23

            Business & Law At ECU’s School of Business and Law, you’ll gain theoretical knowledge, practical experience and important employability skills. We offer a range of business majors and courses leading to a diverse choice of careers. Or if you want to work as a lawyer, either in a courtroom or in the wide range of other legal careers, then our accredited law courses and new high-tech moot court will also interest you. All of our hands-on courses aim to equip you with the skills that employers seek through practical learning opportunities. Our graduates have found employment in a variety of fields across the world.

            So get set for a rewarding and successful career with an ECU Business and Law degree.

            Hands-on experience with the on-campus legal centre Law students may have the opportunity to work on real cases, under the supervision of legal practitioners, at the on-campus Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre. The Centre provides legal information and advice to the community in a number of areas. This partnership provides vital experience for our Law students. 24

            • Business & Law units at ECU There is no short supply of business and law units on offer when studying abroad at ECU. Below is just a sample of some of the interesting units available. Event, Sport and Recreation Management
            • SPM2112 Sport Delivery Systems
            • SPM2510 Marketing and Communications for Sport and Events
            • SPM3114 Sport Venues and Events
            • SPM1102 Sport and Recreation Leadership and Programming Hospitality Management
            • HOS2110 Food and Beverage Management
            • HOS2325 Managing the Service Experience
            • HOS3211 Management of Hospitality Finance International Business
            • INB2101 Cultural Framework of Business
            • INB2102 International Business
            • INB3202 International Business Project
            • INB3600 Business in Asia
            • MAN5360彩票官网 Logistics
            • MAN3705 International Negotiation International Hotel and Resort Management
            • HOS2112 Beverage Appreciation
            • TSM3101 International Resort Management
            • TSM3104 Cruise Ship Tourism* Management and Human Resource Management
            • MAN2120 Organisational Behaviour
            • MAN3121 Leadership III
            • MAN3705 International Negotiation
            • MAN3612 Project Management Tourism Management
            • TSM2111 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
            • TSM2550 Visitor Management
            • TSM3107 Ecotourism Postgraduate Units
            • FBL5010 Managing People and Organisations
            • FBL5020 Marketing Leadership
            • FBL5030 Fundamentals of Value Creation in Business “
            • I chose ECU because of its practical teaching approach, which focuses on students’ employability.” My lecturers are friendly and approachable, and so are the rest of the staff at ECU. I feel like ECU really cares about me, I’m not just a number. Whisper Li China5360彩票官网 25

            Engineering & Technology Study Engineering at ECU, the fastest-growing Engineering school in Western Australia. With a wide choice of disciplines to choose from, multi-million dollar laboratory facilities and industry experienced lecturers, this could be the start of an incredible journey. ECU’s engineering courses are accredited by Engineers Australia and recognised under the Washington Accord, so with an ECU engineering degree you can work around the world. World-class facilities ECU Engineering students learn in world-class facilities featuring purpose-built labs and project spaces, all designed with a focus on students.

            Many of our labs have been set up in collaboration with industry, like our automation and control laboratory, developed in conjunction with Schneider Electric. We also recently commissioned a new specialised high-tech engineering building, housing labs for teaching and research in Chemical, Structural, Geotechnical, Renewable Energy, and Materials Engineering. 26

            • Engineering & Technology units at ECU There is no short supply of engineering units on offer when studying abroad at ECU. Below is just a sample of some of the interesting units available. Chemical Engineering
            • ENS2160 Thermodynamics
            • ENS2170 Principles of Industrial Maintenance
            • ENS3110 Heat and Mass Transfer Civil Engineering
            • ENS2107 Marine and Offshore Engineering and Design
            • ENS2260 Surveying and Site Measurement
            • ENS3242 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Electrical Power
            • ENS3220 Electrical Machines and Transformers
            • ENS4360 Power Electronics
            • ENS4445 Sustainability and Renewable Energy Mechanical Engineering
            • ENS3105 Mechanical Design and Development
            • ENS3245 Steel Design
            • ENS4442 Robotics 1 Motorsports
            • ENM1101 Race Car Anatomy
            • ENM2209 Race Car Systems
            • ENS2106 Motorsports Design and Development Technology
            • ENS2456 Digital Electronics
            • ENS2344 Computer Architecture
            • ENS3556 Wireless Communication “
            • I chose Engineering at ECU because of the amazing facilities as well as the reputation of the teaching staff.” My lecturers were so knowledgeable and approachable. They encouraged us to ask questions and had an open door policy. The feedback and advice that they’ve provided has been really helpful to me on both a professional, as well as on a personal level. Kush Shah Kenya 27

            Medical & Health Sciences ECU’s School of Medical and Health Sciences encompasses a number of exciting and diverse areas of study. Courses include Biomedical Science, Health Science, Exercise and Sports Science, Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, Medical Science, Occupational Therapy, Paramedical Science, Speech Pathology, and Sports Science and Football. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and specialised laboratories – all of which allow students to put theory into practice. Our courses also provide a basis for honours and postgraduate studies, laying the groundwork for future careers in health and medicine.

            Medical and Biomedical Science students learn in state-of-the-art facilities ECU’s science laboratories are equipped to train Medical Science and Biomedical Science students in microbiology, genetics, haematology and biochemistry. Students have access to microbiology equipment for working with microbiological organisms and DNA. ECU also houses state-of-the-art equipment for cell, DNA, RNA and protein isolation and characterisation, electrophoresis, automated microscopy and digital imaging, in addition to a fully-equipped histology laboratory.

            • Medical & Health Sciences units at ECU With such a wide variety of units on offer within medical and health science, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Below is just a sample of some of the interesting units available.
            • SCH1105 Introduction to Pharmacology
            • SCH1111 Fundamental Biomedical Techniques
            • SCH1132 Human Evolution and Ecology
            • SCH1133 Human Genetics
            • SCH1134 Human Structure and Function
            • SCH1143 Systems Physiology
            • SCH2142 Forensic Genetics
            • SCH2226 Human Molecular Genetics
            • SCH2232 Medical Biochemistry
            • SCH2235 Applied Microbiology
            • SCH3145 Biomedical Ethics
            • SCH3223 Medical Genetics
            • SCH3227 The Biology of Human Disease
            • SCH3236 Pharmacology
            • SCH3239 Human Immunology
            • SCH3244 Developmental Biology
            • SCH3434 Human Reproduction, Development and Ageing “
            • The hands-on approach of my course means that I get to apply the theory I learned to practice, before I even graduate.” The atmosphere at ECU is laid back, while remaining serious as well as encouraging for students. My lecturers are extremely easy-going and approachable and the facilities are amazing. Roza Draganjac Poland 29

            Nursing & Midwifery ECU offers a range of unique specialist undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery courses. Our renowned Nursing program is the largest in Western Australia, while our Nursing and Midwifery dual degree program offers an innovative and broad study approach for entry into the field of nursing and midwifery. Courses provide students with access to state-of-the-art health and wellness facilities featuring demonstration and clinical practice wards, health simulations that encourage scenario-based learning, and practicum placements with a range of health providers.

            ECU’s outstanding health and wellness facilities Our purpose-built Health and Wellness Building incorporates health demonstration and clinical practice wards that provide a safe, authentic environment for clinical skills development, and are designed to increase the competence and confidence of students.

            The demonstration wards contain 52 beds that meet Australian healthcare standards. Additionally, students have the opportunity for experiential hands-on practice to learn nursing and midwifery skills in a variety of simulated healthcare settings.

            • Nursing and Midwifery units at ECU If you are looking to continue your nursing studies while studying abroad at ECU, you’re sure to find what you need from the many units on offer. Below is just a sample of some of the interesting units available: Nursing
            • NCS1101 Health and Healthcare Systems
            • NCS1102 Professional Conduct and Communication
            • NCS2101 Adult Health
            • NCS2102 Mental Health and Illness
            • NCS2202 Culture and Health
            • NCS3101 Child and Adolescent Care
            • NCS3102 Primary Health Care You may be able to participate in a clinical placement while studying abroad at ECU, with final approval required from the School of Nursing & Midwifery. All of the units listed above are available at our Joondalup Campus as well as our Bunbury Campus.

            ECU prepared me to do better in the real world of Nursing.” I learned the value of teamwork and the significance of each member; the importance of respecting patient’s rights as well as colleagues’ backgrounds and preferences; and ways to resolve conflicts among colleagues. Jake Quidit Philippines 31

            Science When it comes to studying science and the environment, ECU’s research and teaching are world-class. You’ll find a range of practical degrees that can lead to distinctly different careers in fields such as marine and freshwater biology, conservation and wildlife biology, environmental management and more.

            ECU is also recognised as a leader in cyber security research. Our Computing and Security courses offer a range of majors and units across a variety of exciting subjects. Our flexible courses and world-class teaching, combined with our Work Integrated Learning program, supported by close industry links, provide ECU students with endless possibilities in Australia and internationally.

            Science at ECU ECU’s School of Science offers a broad range of courses that give students the opportunity to specialise in specific fields or multi-skill across a combination of majors to increase their career options. Students can choose from courses that offer the opportunity to study across multiple disciplines, which can be combined to create a unique graduating skillset, or can study courses focusing on one particular area to become a specialist in that field. 32

            • Science units at ECU There is a broad range of science units that you can choose from when studying abroad at ECU. Below is just a sample of some of the interesting units available. Computer Science
            • CSG2341 Intelligence Systems
            • CSP2108 Introduction to Mobile Applications Development
            • CSP3242 Internet and Java Programming Counter Terrorism Security and Intelligence
            • CSI2104 Introduction to Information Warfare
            • SCY1130 Terrorism and International Security
            • SCY2112 Counterterrorism Cyber Security
            • CSG2305 Computer Forensics
            • CSG3308 Wireless Security
            • CSI3208 Ethical Hacking and Defence Games Programming
            • CSD2242 Computer Graphics Methods
            • CSP2107 Game Design and Production
            • CSP2307 Introduction to 3D Game Programming Information Technology and Web Technology
            • CSP2103 Markup Languages
            • CSG1207 Systems and Database Design
            • CSG2431 Interactive Web Development Biological Sciences
            • SCI2112 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
            • SCI2116 Diversity of Life
            • SCI2117 Genetics
            • SCI3122 Evolution and Systematics Environmental Management
            • SCM2104 Geographical Information
            • Systems
            • SCM2110 Marine and Freshwater Processes
            • SCM2201 Soil and Land Processes
            • SCM3203 Environmental Impact Assessment
            • SCM3204 Ecosystem Management Sustainability
            • SCI2371 Sustainable Water
            • SCI2108 Environmental Management and Sustainability
            • SCM3201 Conservation Biology
            • Conservation and Wildlife Biology
            • SCI2118 Australian Biota
            • SCI3115 Wildlife Management
            • SCI2111 Marine and Fisheries Biology
            • SCI3113 Freshwater Ecosystems “
            • ECU in Perth is the ideal place for international students to study.” ECU’s lecturers, tutors, and staff are excellent. They provide personalised support and have made my learning experience very enjoyable so far. The students here at ECU come from all over the world and there is a sense of community feeling. Benedicta Santoso Indonesia 33
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