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            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            Gift Catalog 2017-2018 GAP GIFTS

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            GAP GIFTS In Ezekiel’s day, God was looking for a faithful person to repair the wall around the city of Jerusalem so that the Israelites would be saved from destruction. But God didn’t see anyone. He knew that His people not only had a wall problem, they had a heart problem. He was looking for a go-between who would fight against oppression and injustice — and He couldn’t find one in all of Israel. God was looking for people with willing hearts who walked in His Spirit, people who would hold each other up before Him when life got hard.

            He was looking for someone who would “stand . in the gap” in His plan for His people, to brace the parts that were broken. He wanted people to build their lives together into a strong tower for each other in Him. We need intercessors to work and pray hard for us today. And God looks for us to “stand in the gap” against poverty and injustice for others, too. We do this because God graciously invites us into Jesus’ redemption plan for the world. Thank God that He gives this work to us and others. The World Renew 2017-2018 Gift Catalog is a way to “stand in the gap” on behalf of people who face oppression and poverty.

            Each duck, seed, and water pump is a powerful intervention that can repair harm and help build resilience in peoples’ lives. Praying for and helping others is the stuff that holds us together as followers of Jesus Christ, even as we are standing in the need of help and prayer ourselves. What about you? Has God strategically put you in a place to help build people up? Take a stand against poverty, disaster, and hunger. Your donation to World Renew’s gift catalog provides people with a sturdy foundation on which to build a future with hope.

            I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before Me in the gap . but I found no one. EZEKIEL 22:30 What will you give to fill the gap? 2

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            1. Have fun selecting gifts to help fill the gap from this catalog or at worldrenewgifts.net. 2. Place your order by donating online, or fill out the order form at the back of this catalog and mail it with your credit card information or check made out to World Renew. 3. A gift-acknowledgement card lets a loved one know that you made a gift to World Renew in their honor. If you would like to receive a printed giftacknowledgement card before Christmas 2017 for each item you donate, be sure to place your order and request your cards by December 4.

            If you give online, you have the option of sending an e-card instead. HOW TO USE THIS CATALOG FILL THE GAP, GET A GIFT! When you contribute $500 or more from World Renew’s 2017-2018 Gift Catalog, you can receive a FREE 18.5-inch by 14-inch tote bag made in Guatemala from traditional cloth. Each Ketzali tote is unique, eco-friendly, ethicallysourced, created by local artisans using traditional skills and displays your heart for World Renew to others. Ketzali is a Guatemalan-owned business dedicated to building gender equity, fighting forced, slave, and child labor, and paying a living wage to every employee.

            World Renew has worked in Guatemala since 1976 and is helping people, families, and communities around the world help themselves.

            Just check the Ketzali Bag line on the order form on page 23 to get your tote from World Renew. Quantities are limited, so order early. This offer is not available outside of the U.S. Ketzali bags are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, until they are gone, one per donor, to those who request them and give $500 or more. If you do not check the box marked “Ketzali Tote Bag” on the order form, you will not receive one. Thank you for giving! 3

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            The Gift of FREEING A FAMILY FROM POVERTY FOR LESS THAN $1 A DAY Free a Family® $27per month /$324 annually INTERNATIONAL You can assist a family and their whole community through Free A Family®.

            A monthly or annual gift helps people overcome poverty with community programs in agriculture, health, nutrition, and literacy. The result is more nutritious food, clean water, improved health, and better income for all. Asia 505232 East Africa 505659 Latin America 505236 Southern Africa 505660 West Africa 505231 Where Needed Most $25/$50/$100 INTERNATIONAL Too many choices? Not sure where your gift can best be used? When you give where needed most, your donation will fill the most urgent gaps in the lives of people in poverty. 501210 1. Select a region of the world to support.

            2. Sign up to give each month. Give a recurring monthly gift automatically by credit card or bank account. 3. Receive a welcome packet and regular updates about the representative family in your selected region. BEST SELLER HELP FILL THE GAP Can’t get enough fluffy animals? Try the Friendship Pack or Goats and Quackers! Your gift will help families close the income and nutrition gap through animal raising. See pages 6 and 7 for lots of fuzzy friends! 4

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            Latrine $50 INTERNATIONAL Stop germs that can cause the spread of serious, often deadly, diseases in communities in Laos.

            Your gift towards a latrine saves lives! 505838 Handwashing Station $65 GUATEMALA Help village children in Guatemala start a lifelong habit of good health by washing their hands with soap and water using this simple, foot-operated handwashing station. 505994 Family-Sized Water Filter $75 NICARAGUA Drinking dirty water can cause typhoid, malaria, worms, and dysentery. A family-sized water filter for a household in Nicaragua ensures that people can drink, wash, and bathe safely.

            505710 The Gift of CLEAN WATER BEST SELLER NEW BEST SELLER 5

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            Pig $160 INTERNATIONAL A sow can give birth to an average of 12 babies twice a year. A farmer in Cambodia or India could increase their income by raising or selling two dozen piglets next year from your gift of one pig! 505668 Calf $99 INTERNATIONAL Buying a farm animal is a big investment. Your gift of a calf, with training in care, feeding, and management, provides a family in India or Cambodia with income, and milk and meat to drink and eat. 505287 Friendship Pack $77 INTERNATIONAL Some things are just better together, like the fluffy goodness of one goat and two ducks! Help families around the world earn enough income and eat nutritiously.

            1 Goat | 2 Ducks 505989 Goats and Quackers $155 INTERNATIONAL Get the Goats and Quackers gang! Five ducks and two goats can bring the fun – and provide more income, food, and milk for families who join in poultryand small animal-raising in their community.

            505990 2 Goats | 5 Ducks NEW The Gift of ANIMAL RAISING BEST SELLER BEST SELLER NEW 6

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            Goat $50 INTERNATIONAL A goat kids twice a year and gives one liter (or quart) of nutritious milk a day. A goat for a family in Kenya, India, Nigeria, or Bangladesh includes their first shots, and farmer training in great goat-raising. 505288 Duck $11 INTERNATIONAL Ducks have a superpower – they can see under water. Plus, their eggs, meat, droppings, and even feathers help families in Bangladesh earn income, grow crops, and eat better. Ducks are superheroes! 505964 Flock $111 INTERNATIONAL Birds of a feather really do flock together! More income, food, and farming helps an adult in Bangladesh improve their life and community through this flock of ten darling ducks.

            505962 Looking for more ways to help fill the gap with the gift of animals? See the Great Giving Guide on pages 12 and 13 to give the Farm Team, the Whole Barnyard, or the ginormous Gap Special! Herd $309 INTERNATIONAL The Herd provides a goat, a calf, and a pig, vaccinations, and farmer training in animal-raising and growing forage grass to families who are working to support themselves from their farm and income. 505960 1 Calf | 1 Goat | 1 Pig BEST SELLER 7

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            Church in Community $200 MALAWI Provide training and support for churches and neighborhoods as they address common challenges, work together, and share their resources.

            Bring people together around creating a healthier community. 505997 Adolescent Health Kit $198 INTERNATIONAL Fight poverty by providing health education among low-income teens in Nigeria. Includes topics like early marriage, HIV, STDs, early pregnancy, and healthy families and relationships. 505708 Teaching Values to Adolescents $39 INTERNATIONAL Connect teens in East Africa with traditional traits, virtues, values, and the role of the Christian church in this new book from World Renew, African Values and Virtues for Youth Character Formation.

            505992 The Gift of LEARNING NEW NEW 8

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            The Gift of BEES Beehive $35 UGANDA There’s a buzz going on in Uganda where you can help a small business person purchase a beehive and learn to raise bees to increase his or her income from selling honey in their community. 505909 Protective Clothing for Beekeepers $77 UGANDA Beekeepers in Uganda need special clothing when they work with their hives. Fill the gap with a pair of boots, a jumpsuit, gloves, and a netted hat that make earning an income less painful. 505818 Bee Smoker $6 UGANDA Smoke makes bees sleepy so they are less likely to sting a beekeeper who is working with their hive.

            A bee smoker is an important tool for beekeepers and helps keep their bees calm. 505816 Buzzy Bundle $118 INTERNATIONAL The Buzzy Bundle provides a person in Uganda with everything they need to keep bees. A beehive, a smoker, training, and protective clothing will get a hopeful entrepreneur started in buzzy-ness! 505993 NEW 9

            GAP GIFTS Catalog 2017-2018

            Nutrition Kit for Children $19 HONDURAS Without proper nutrition, children are vulnerable to infection and disease that can affect them for a lifetime. This kit includes soybeans, vitamins, and medicine to help a child in Honduras stay healthy. 505547 Scales: Baby $85 and Toddler $50 INTERNATIONAL Help Guatemalan parents monitor the growth of their children monthly. A baby or toddler scale alerts health volunteers to malnutrition so they can advise parents on feeding their baby for growth. Baby 505813 | Toddler 505803 Community Health Volunteer Training $55 BANGLADESH Community health volunteers in Bangladesh provide women and babies with prenatal and postpartum care and refer deliveries to health services.

            Your gift trains one volunteer in preventive care. 505820 The Gift of HEALTH NEW BEST SELLER 10

            Healthy Baby Bundle $211 INTERNATIONAL Protect life with the healthy baby bundle. Train one community health volunteer, purchase one HIV test, provide one baby and one toddler scale, and give one child nutrition kit. It’s a great gap-filler! 505991 HIV Test Kit $2 NIGERIA One third of mother-to-child HIV transmissions occur in Nigeria. Help stop the spread of HIV by providing a community member with an HIV blood test, results, and counseling at a local church. 505294 Wheelchair $165 NIGERIA People with disabilities in Nigeria face stigma and may never go farther than they can crawl. Enrich someone’s life with a wheelchair, education, counseling, and integration into their family and village.

            505957 NEW BEST SELLER 11

            The Farm Team $320 INTERNATIONAL Who’s on the farm team? You are, when you give one of each animal from the gift catalog! Help fill the gap with one goat, one calf, one duck, and one pig. 505713 The Gap Special $601 INTERNATIONAL You can fill the Gap with farming! Families who learn to grow nutritious food to eat and sell can improve their health, their income, and their future. More farming means more good food for all. 505722 Galangal Growing | Seeds, Seedlings and Cuttings | Demonstration Plot | Lablab Beans | Dry Season Farming | Drip Irrigation | Agriculture Training | 1-Acre Farmer Great Giving Guide NEW BEST SELLER YOU CAN HELP FILL THE GAP FULL! Are you — or your church, school, or group — looking for larger items to fund? World Renew staff can suggest items between $5,000 and $20,000 that fit your needs.

            Quantities may be limited. To find out more call 800-730-3490 or email Loise Githinji lgithinji@worldrenew.net in Canada. Call 800-552-7972 or email Will McCarron wmccarron@worldrenew.net in the U.S. TRY THE GIVING TREE PROJECT AT CHRISTMAS Are you looking for a fun, meaningful, Christ-centered project for Advent this year? World Renew’s Giving Tree Project is for you! It’s a set of 32 tree ornaments, ribbon, handouts, and idea sheet. It has all your favorite catalog items — and it’s free! Find out more and download at worldrenewgifts.net, order today from worldrenew.net/ order, or call 800-333-8300.

            worldrenewgifts.net Goat $50 GAP GIFTS 12

            The Whole Barnyard $1,976 INTERNATIONAL Fill the barnyard with animals, including training in animal-raising, small loans, pooled savings, increased income, better diet, and organic fertilizers that help make communities self-sustaining. 505815 4 Calves | 8 Goats | 6 Pigs | 20 Ducks The Best Seller Bundle $786 INTERNATIONAL All of your most favorite gift catalog items are here! The top 10 items from 2016 – 2017 are gathered into one great bundle that helps people in poverty fill the gap in their community. 505712 Where needed most | Goat | Pig | Trafficking Prevention | Sewing machine | Family water filter | Nutrition kit | Latrine | Calf | Wheelchair Shelter from the Storm $3,925 INTERNATIONAL A tarp, tent, temporary house, or permanent 5360彩票官网 built to withstand future disasters keeps people safe and provides privacy.

            515401 $3,900 NORTH AMERICA Provide everything World Renew DRS volunteers needs to completely repair or rebuild a family’s damaged 5360彩票官网 in North America. 514102 BEST SELLER 13

            Unmet Needs Assessment $35 NORTH AMERICA Provide a caring volunteer to meet with disaster survivors to offer prayer and find out their needs. Volunteers collect solid information that helps communities rebuild and recover. 514106 Necessary Tools $20 NORTH AMERICA World Renew volunteers use a variety of tools as they help disaster survivors rebuild. The gift of necessary tools helps supply volunteers with saws, drills, hammers, paintbrushes, and more! 514060 Clean up after a Disaster $50 NORTH AMERICA Cleaning up a damaged house is exhausting.

            Your gift of clean up after a disaster supports volunteers whose work can lighten a family’s load. 514004 Gifts of DISASTER RESPONSE IN NORTH AMERICA 14

            Emergency Food for Disaster Survivors $50 INTERNATIONAL When drought and famine happen, people often go to bed hungry. Help ensure families have enough to eat and stay healthy, including staples such as beans, corn, flour, rice, and cooking oil. 515400 Water for Disaster Survivors $250 INTERNATIONAL Protect people’s health and wellbeing with clean drinking water. Emergency filters, filtration systems, and other clean water provisions prevent illness and help families recover from a disaster. 515293 Emergency Kit $25 NORTH AMERICA People can lose everything they own in a disaster. Give families a bundle of the most essential supplies during an emergency, including sleeping blankets, kitchen supplies, hygiene kits, and more.

            515124 Gifts of DISASTER RESPONSE INTERNATIONAL Photo by World Relief Canada/Tearfund 15

            Galangal Growing $30 LAOS Galangal is a ginger-like root that helps farmers in Laos diversify their crops and income. This savory spice kit includes 385 pounds (175 kg) of roots, delivery, and training for each farmer. 505721 Demonstration Farm Plot $70 ZAMBIA Subsistence farmers in Zambia are vulnerable to loss, and a crop demonstration plot is a low-impact way for volunteers to prove that good results are possible. It’s show and tell for farmers! 505996 Ripper $175 INTERNATIONAL The ripper is a one-bladed plow used in conservation agriculture in Zambia and Tanzania.

            It helps farmers use low-till techniques, improve soil preservation, and increase their yields and food security.

            515411 The Gift of FARMING NEW NEW NEW Do you enjoy gingerbread or pumpkin pie at Christmas? Fill the gap with Galangal Growing, and then make some friend or family time to enjoy baking gingersnaps or a gingerbread house together! 16

            Dry Season Vegetable Growing $27 CAMBODIA In Cambodia, people often leave 5360彩票官网 to find work. Growing food creatively year-round helps families stay together. Includes sack and container growing, circle gardens, raised beds, and sun covers. 505965 Agriculture Training $200 MALAWI Give a group of farmers in Malawi new skills with this training in climate-smart agriculture that rebuilds the soil over time so that families can grow enough food to eat every day all year.

            505608 Seeds $5 Seedlings $15 Cuttings $10 MALAWI Introduce a family in Malawi to new vegetables with seeds, seedlings, or cuttings — or give the whole packet of all three!

            Seeds 505726 Seedlings 505727 Cuttings 505728 Packet of all 3 $30 Seeds, Seedlings, and Cuttings 505999 NEW NEW 17

            Drip Irrigation $37 CAMBODIA Many Cambodians endure a 6-month dry season. Drip irrigation saves water by supplying a slow, steady stream directly to a plant’s base. This gift saves on the amount of water needed to grow food. 505966 Lablab Beans $7 UGANDA Lablab beans help Ugandan farmers improve the soil, increase yields, reduce weeds, eat more protein, and feed their animals, too. Give a pound of lablab beans and see what grows! 505817 1-Acre Farmer $200 UGANDA Give a struggling farm family a 1-acre farm starter kit to help them become food secure.

            Includes seeds, manure, fertilizer, training, mentoring, collective marketing, and a small loan for one farmer.

            505998 NEW 18

            VSL Training $185 ZAMBIA A village savings and loan (VSL) kit is a bank in a box. Help 25 people in Zambia save money and get loans at reasonable rates for the first time. Includes lock box, books, ledgers, equipment, and training. 505995 Sewing Machine $105 INTERNATIONAL A sewing machine and training for an entrepreneur in Bangladesh or India helps someone realize their dream of starting a sewing and tailoring business that supports them and their family. 505804 Literacy Class for 1 Adult $38 HAITI Fill the gap with learning with a literacy course for an adult in Haiti.

            Mastering reading, writing, and basic math skills opens a new world of opportunity for an adult in work, parenting, and community life! 505969 Gifts of INCOME BEST SELLER 19

            PB&J Training $120 INTERNATIONAL What goes together like peanut butter and jelly? People who learn Peace-Building and Justice! Includes human, gender, ethnic, child, legal, and land rights in Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Uganda, or Guatemala. 505327 Trafficking Prevention $38 BANGLADESH Help prevent slavery and the exploitation of people from poor communities in Bangladesh by giving trafficking prevention training. Safeguard families with awareness, reporting, and protection skills. 505828 Gifts of JUSTICE BEST SELLER WHO IS WORLD RENEW? Last year, World Renew reached nearly 800,000 people who live in poverty with emergency disaster response and long-term poverty alleviation through integrated programs in health, agriculture, income-earning, literacy, and leadership development.

            Your prayers, involvement, and contributions make this work possible. Thank you for standing in the gap on behalf of those who live in poverty. 20

            • WANT TO DO MORE? Each of the items in this catalog helps World Renew come alongside people to help them fill the poverty gap. Here are three ways that you can do even more with World Renew.
            • Order the Giving Tree Project to use with your family or church family. The project is FREE and provides you with a set of 32 tree ornaments, a poster, idea sheet, and mailbox/ bulletin inserts for each of your church or group members. Use with the World Renew gift catalog: all of your favorite catalog items are included! Order or download from worldrenewgifts.net.
            • Use the Great Giving Guide at the center of this catalog for more giving options! We’ve grouped related items into the Farm Team, the Whole Barnyard, the Best Seller Bundle, and more. You will also find the Great Giving Guide online at worldrenewgifts.net.
            • Go to worldrenew.net/what-you-can-do. Become a volunteer, start a church partnership, take a tour, become an ambassador, join Joseph Stewards, advocate, or use a children’s project! Look over the options and decide how you want to fill the gap of poverty. Then call us in the U.S. at 800-552-7972, in Canada at 800-730- 3490, or email info@worldrenew.net to find out more. WHAT DOES WORLD RENEW DO?
            • Compelled by God’s deep passion for justice and mercy, World Renew, working through churches and Christian organizations, joins with communities of poverty around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation. World Renew’s worldwide ministry is three-fold:
            • Working with communities
            • Responding to disasters
            • Building peace and justice World Renew envisions a world where people experience and extend Christ’s compassion and live together in hope as God’s community.

            Disclaimer: Your gift is tax deductible in the U.S.

            Your gift can be applied as a charitable tax credit in Canada. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for your gift. You can find World Renew’s most recent financial report at 5360彩票官网 on worldrenew.net. Request our most recent audited financial statement by calling 800-552-7972 in the U.S., or call 800-730-3490 in Canada. Gifts to programs that have been fully funded are redirected to other programs that have a similar intent or location. Costs for items can vary by location, and prices are averaged geographically by item.

            CHOOSE FROM 3 WAYS TO ORDER! Go to worldrenewgifts.net and order online with your credit card. Remember to request a gift card for each item by December 4 if you are giving them as Christmas gifts in 2017. Call 800.552.7972 Mail your completed order form and check to: World Renew U.S. 1700 28th St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508 Request your gift acknowledgement cards by December 4 to receive them in time for Christmas! TRY THE GIVING TREE PROJECT THIS YEAR! Order the Giving Tree Project to use with this catalog among your family or church family for Christmas — or Easter! The project is free and provides you with a set of 32 unique and colorful tree ornaments, a poster, and a mailbox/bulletin insert for each of your church, family, or group members.

            All of your favorite catalog items are included! Quantities are limited, so order early from worldrenewgifts.net. You can also download the project from our website and print it for your use! ORDERING INFORMATION/ORDER FORM WHAT ARE THESE ICONS?

            World Renew’s ministry with people who live in hunger, poverty, and disaster contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in transformative, Christ-centered ways. The icons next to each item in this catalog show you how. Find out more at worldrenew.net/sdg. Did you order $500 or more from this catalog? Your order is eligible for a free Ketzali Tote Bag from World Renew! Just check the Ketzali bag line on the order form to get your free gift. Quantities are limited so order early. This item is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

            Page Item Price Qty Total # of Cards 4 Free A Family® Asia $27 __ 505232 4 Free A Family® East Africa $27 __ 505659 4 Free A Family® Latin America $27 __ 505236 4 Free A Family® Southern Africa $27 __ 505660 4 Free A Family® West Africa $27 __ 505231 4 Where Needed Most $25 $50 $100 __ 501210 5 Latrine $50 __ 505838 5 Handwashing Station $65 __ 505994 5 Family-Sized Water Filter $75 __ 505710 6 Pig $160 __ 505668 6 Calf $99 __ 505287 6 Friendship Pack $77 __ 505989 6 Goats and Quackers $155 __ 505990 7 Goat $50 __ 505288 7 Duck $11 __ 505964 7 Flock $111 __ 505962 7 Herd $309 __ 505960 8 Church in Community $200 __ 505997 8 Adolescent Health Kit $198 __ 505708 8 Teaching Values to Adolescents $39 __ 505992 9 Beehive $35 __ 505909 9 Protective Clothing for Beekeepers $77 __ 505818 9 Bee Smoker $6 __ 505816 9 Buzzy Bundle $118 __ 505993 10 Nutrition Kit for Children $19 __ 505547 10 Baby Scale $85 __ 505813 10 Toddler Scale $50 __ 505803 10 Community Health Volunteer Training $55 __ 505820 11 Healthy Baby Bundle $211 __ 505991 11 HIV Test Kit $2 __ 505294 11 Wheelchair $165 __ 505957 14 Unmet Needs Assessment $35 __ 514106 14 Necessary Tools $20 __ 514060 14 Clean Up After a Disaster $50 __ 514004 15 Emergency Food for Disaster Survivors $50 __ 515400 15 Water for Disaster Survivors $250 __ 515293 15 Emergency Kit $25 __ 515124 16 Galangal Growing $30 __ 505721 16 Demonstration Farm Plot $70 __ 505996 16 Ripper $175 __ 515411 17 Dry Season Vegetable Growing $27 __ 505965 17 Agriculture Training $200 __ 505608 17 Seeds $5 __ 505726 17 Seedlings $15 __ 505727 17 Cuttings $10 __ 505728 17 Packet of Seeds, Seedlings, Cuttings $30 __ 505999 18 Drip Irrigation $37 __ 505966 18 Lablab Beans $7 __ 505817 18 1-Acre Farmer $200 __ 505998 19 VSL Training $185 __ 505995 19 Sewing Machine $105 __ 505804 19 Literacy Class for 1 Adult $38 __ 505969 20 PB&J Training $120 __ 505327 20 Trafficking Prevention $38 __ 505828 Group Giving Guide 12 The Farm Team $320 __ 505713 12 The Gap Special $601 __ 505722 13 The Whole Barnyard $1,976 __ 505815 13 The Best-Seller Bundle $786 __ 505712 13 Shelter from the Storm International $3,925 __ 515401 13 Shelter from the Storm North America $3,900 __ 514102 n I would like to add a donation to help World Renew’s work where needed most around the world.

            501210 TOTAL _ _ __ n Please send me 1 Ketzali Bag. My order from this catalog totals $500 or more. Name and Address Name: __ Address: ___ City: State: _ _ _ _ ____ _ Zip: _ _ ____ _____ _ _ _ _ This is a new address. 5360彩票官网Phone: _____ _ Email: _ _ _ __ ____ _ _ _ _ Method of Payment Check (Make checks payable to World Renew) Credit card VISA MasterCard AMEX Discover CC#: _ _ _ _ Exp.: _ _ CVV Code _ _ Signature: 501700CC00 23

            HELP FILL THE GAP Need some fluffy cuteness? Try the Friendship Pack or Goats and Quackers! Your gift will help families close the income and nutrition gap through animal raising. See pages 6 and 7 in this catalog for lots of fuzzy friends! World Renew 1700 28th Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508-1407 worldrenew.net Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Grand Rapids Michigan Permit 149 HOW TO USE THIS CATALOG 1. Have fun selecting gifts to help fill the gap from this catalog or at worldrenewgifts.net. 2. Place your order by donating online, or fill out the order form at the back of this catalog and mail it with your credit card information or check made out to World Renew.

            3. A gift-acknowledgement card lets a loved one know that you made a gift to World Renew in their honor. If you would like to receive a printed giftacknowledgement card before Christmas 2017 for each item you donate, be sure to place your order and request your cards by December 4. If you give online, you have the option of sending an e-card instead. worldrenewgifts.net

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