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            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade

            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade

            aeci neWs inside this issue - aeci trade shoW/confer. - 1 day seminar - leave entitlement - aeci Brain teaser QuiZ - electric cars By 5360彩票官网 - reci egm, laBour court hearing, rea high court challenge, dePt. of enterPrise & emPloyment - taX information Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 Assoctiation of Electrical Contractors (Ireland), Woodview Centre, Main Street, Celbridge, Co. Kildare 5360彩票官网Phone: 01-288 6499, Fax: 01-288 5870, Email: aeci@indigo.ie, Wesbite: www.aeci.ie the voice of the electrical contracting industry september/october 2009 the Biggest electrical trade shoW and conference in ireland 12th september 2009, silver springs moran hotel, cork 1 day seminar on emergency lighting systems, fire detection and alarm systems and safety health and Welfare at Work construction regulations duBlin: 10th and 26th novemBer 2009 galWay: 19th novemBer 2009 cork: 24th novemBer 2009 Many thanks to our Exhibitors and attendees for making this years’ Trade Show and Conference a great success in the face of the very poor economic times we are in.

            The response to our “Comment’s Form” from the Exhibitors seems to confirm that venues such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Athlone are prefered for future Trade Show Conferences. The trade show/conference was opened by Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr. Emmet O’Halloran who commended the AECI and the Exhibitors for their entrepreneur spirit in organising this show.

            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade

            AECI Members and Exhibitors after a fantastic day in the sunshine playing in the AECI Annual Golf Outing at Fota Island Golf Club enjoyed a lovely setting for the evening dinner and prize giving in the Silver Springs Moran Hotel followed by a rousing sing song until the early hours of the morning. Many thanks to Arachas for the sponsorhip of the day and prizes. aeci trade shoW and conference 11th september 2009 Prize giving for the aeci golf outing at fota island golf club and social evening at silver springs moran hotel, cork aeci trade shoW and conference 12th september 2009 seminars at silver springs moran hotel, cork AECI Members and their guests show tremendous support and interest by attending the two lectures/presentations presented by: 1) Derek Watters (NSAI) Emergency Lighting Standards & Regulations 2) Tom Weifer (Hager Ltd.) New Wiring Rules & Regulations Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009

            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade

            Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 on emergency lighting systems, fire detection and alarm systems and safety health and Welfare at Work construction regulations duBlin: 10th novemBer and 26th novemBer 2009 galWay: 19th novemBer 2009 cork: 24th novemBer 2009 fee: €150.00 (aeci memBer) €175.00 (non memBer) Association of Electrical Contractors (Ireland); Woodview Centre, Main Street, Celbridge, Co. Kildare 5360彩票官网Phone: 01 288 6499; Fax: 01 288 5870; Mobile: 087 329 7261; Website: www.aeci.ie; Email:aeci@indigo.ie Booking Form for 1 Day Seminar Emergency Lighting Systems Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Safety Health and Welfare at Work Construction Regulations Tuesday 10th November 2009 at Springfield Hotel, Leixlip www.springfieldhotel.ie Thursday 19th November 2009 at Menlo Park Hotel, Galway www.menloparkhotel.com Tuesday 24th November 2009 at Silver Springs Moran Hotel, Cork www.moranhotels.com Thursday 26th November 2009 at Springfield Hotel, Leixlip www.springfieldhotel.ie 5360彩票官网 Name: 5360彩票官网 Address: Attendee’s Name(s): Contact Number: Venue and date: Fee in total: Signed By: Date Booked: Since we have a limited number of spaces available, please contact Lenka at AECI office before completing the Booking Form and returning it with the cheque for the amount due.

            You can use bank transfer for payment: Bank of Ireland, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Account no.: 66886123, Sort Code: 90-10-28.

            1 day seminar

            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade
            Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 leave entitlements What types of leave are staff members entitled to? All staff members of (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name) are entitled to a number of various types of leave (these entitlements are dependent on the type of contract and/or the length of service a staff member may have): annual leave Statutory Leave:
            • Annual Leave
            • Public Holidays
            • Maternity Leave
            • Adoptive Leave
            • Parental Leave
            • Force Majeure Leave
            • Carer’s Leave Special Leave:
            • Compassionate Leave
            • Paternity Leave
            • Marriage Leave
            • Jury Duty Leave
            • Study/Exam Leave Association of Electrical Contractors (Ireland); Woodview Centre, Main Street, Celbridge, Co. Kildare 5360彩票官网Phone: 01 288 6499; Fax: 01 288 5870; Mobile: 087 329 7261; Website: www.aeci.ie; Email: aeci@indigo.ie annual leave / PuBlic holidays 2009 / 2010 MONDAY 3rd August 2009 PUBLIC FRIDAY 23rd October 2009 ANNUAL MONDAY 26th October 2009 PUBLIC WEDNESDAY 23rd December 2009 ANNUAL THURSDAY 24th December 2009 ANNUAL FRIDAY 25th December 2009 PUBLIC MONDAY 28th December 2009 PUBLIC TUESDAY 29th December 2009 ANNUAL WEDNESDAY 30th December 2009 ANNUAL THURSDAY 31st December 2009 ANNUAL FRIDAY 1st January 2010 PUBLIC WEDNESDAY 17th March 2010 PUBLIC FRIDAY 2nd April 2010 ANNUAL MONDAY 5th April 2010 PUBLIC TUESDAY 6th April 2010 ANNUAL WEDNESDAY 7th April 2010 ANNUAL THURSDAY 8th April 2010 ANNUAL FRIDAY 9th April 2010 ANNUAL MONDAY 3rd May 2010 PUBLIC MONDAY 7th June 2010 PUBLIC *MONDAY 19th July to 30th July 2010 ANNUAL* * Any changes to these days by arrangement.
            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade
            Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 PuBlic holidays What public holidays are staff members entitled to? There are currently nine public holidays in Ireland, namely:
            • New Years Day (1st January)
            • St. Patrick’s Day (17th March)
            • Easter Monday
            • First Monday in May
            • First Monday in June
            • First Monday in August
            • First Monday in October
            • Christmas Day (25th December)
            • St. Stephen’s Day (26th December) It is important to remember that all bank holidays are not public holidays, such as Good Friday and 27th December, and that staff members are not entitled to a statutory day off on additional bank holidays.
            • What entitlement do staff members have to public holidays? All full-time employees (from the first day of employment) and part-time/casual employees who have worked at least 40hours in the five weeks ending on the day before the public holiday are entitled to public holiday benefits. In respect of each public holiday, the entitlement is:
            • a paid day off on the public holiday, or
            • a paid day off within a month, or
            • an extra day’s annual leave, or
            • an additional day’s pay as the employer may decide. Within (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name), most staff members receive a paid day off on the public holiday. (Delete if inappropriate).
            • What entitlements do staff members have, when they work a public holiday? (5360彩票官网 should decide based on the entitlements outlined above, for example)
            • For parts of the businesses that are scheduled to work (and is part of their contract of employment) they usually receive an additional day’s pay.
            • For those who do not receive this option, a paid day off within a month is usually the best option. ily Affairs for the first 26 weeks. (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name) will, in addition, pay the difference between this allowance and your normal basic pay (only those companies who pay top-up to employees on maternity leave should include this.) What is the procedure for taking maternity leave? Staff members should:
            • Notify their managers as soon as possible of the pregnancy;
            • Notify the manager and HR Personnel, in writing, at least 4 weeks prior to taking maternity leave, confirming dates, etc.;
            • Forward a medical certificate confirming pregnancy and indicating the timeframes involved;
            • Request a Maternity Benefit Claim Form from their doctor, who will complete Part 2 of this form;
            • Forward the completed form to the HR Personnel at least 8 weeks before the baby is due; HR/Payroll will complete sections of the Form and will return it to you to send to the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs (DSCFA), who will assess your maternity benefit entitlement, based on your PRSI contributions;
            • The DSCFA will write to you directly, informing you of your entitlement. (For those companies paying to-up) – On receipt of this notification, please forward to HR so that the necessary adjustments can be made to your pay – normal basic pay less Department entitlement;
            • Notify your manager in writing, at least 4 weeks before your expected date of return to work.
            • Inform manager/HR at least 4 weeks before the end of your maternity leave, if you wish to avail of the additional 16 weeks unpaid maternity leave. During maternity leave, a staff member continues to build up entitlement to annual leave and public holidays and their service remains continuous. What entitlements do staff have to take time off for Preand Post-Natal Care?
            • Female staff members are entitled to take time off from work without loss of pay to attend medical related appointments.
            • Normally, staff members should notify their manager of the appointment time at least 2 weeks in advance.
            • It is important to have a duty of care to the staff member, and to be flexible in allowing time off for such appointments. It is also important to take into account the travel arrangements that hey might have in getting to and from appointments and to make appropriate allowance for this.
            • Currently, there is no entitlement to paid time off from work to attend preand post-natal classes, e.g. breathing classes. What is the Maternity Leave entitlement?
            • All female staff members (including part-time and temporary staff), regardless of status or serviced are entitled to 26 weeks maternity leave paid by social welfare. In addition the staff member is entitled to take up to 16 weeks additional maternity leave unpaid.
            • Of this 26 weeks paid leave, a minimum of 2 weeks must be taken prior to the expected week of confinement and 4 weeks afterwards. Other than this stipulation, staff members can split the leave up to suit their own needs, e.g. a staff member can elect to take 6 weeks prior to the birth and 20 weeks afterwards, or 2 weeks before, and 24 weeks afterwards, etc.

            Staff members who satisfy the PRSI contribution conditions, should claim pay-related Maternity Allowance directly from the Department of Social, Community & Fammaternity leave adoPtive leave What entitlement do staff memers have to adoptive leave? An adopting mother or sole male adopter is entitled to 14 consecutive weeks of adoptive leave paid by social welfare and up 8 weeks additional unpaid adoptive leave. The procedure for availing of adoptive leave is identical to taking maternity leave.

            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade
            • Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 Parental leave What is parental leave? The Parental Leave Act, 1998, provides an entitlement to staff members, who are fathers and mothers, to take 14 weeks unpaid leave for each qualifying child, to enable them to take care of the child. What is the procedure for taking Parental Leave?
            • The leave can be for a continuous period of 14 weeks or with the agreement of the manager for a number of weeks or days.
            • This is a period of unpaid leave and participating parents will receive no payment from the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs or from (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name).
            • A staff member cannot commence the leave until they have at least one year’s service with (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name) and must use up the leave by the time the child reaches 5 years of age. However, if a staff member has more than 3 months service, and where the child is approaching the age threshold, s/he will be entitled to 1 week’s parental leave for every month of continuous employment completed with (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name).
            • This leave is granted solely for the purpose of taking care of the child concerned.
            • The leave may be terminated if it is not used for this purpose, and a staff member may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.
            • The purpose of parental leave is to balance the work and life commitment of staff members. If a staff member wishes to take parental leave, managers should also adopt a flexible approach to meeting the need of the staff member as well as the needs of the business. force maJeure leave What is the entitlement to Force Majeure Leave? Under the Parental Leave Act, 1998, staff members are entitled to leave with pay (3 days in any period of 12 consecutive months or 5 days in any period of 36 consecutive months), where, for urgent family reasons owing to an illness or injury of a person (listed below) their immediate presence is required at the place where the person is, whether at his or her 5360彩票官网 or elsewhere. These persons are:
            • A child
            • A spouse or person with whom a staff member is living with as a husband or wife
            • A person to whom the staff member is in loco parentis
            • A brother or sister of the staff member
            • A parent or grandparent of the staff member What is the procedure for taking Force Majeure Leave?
            • Staff members must as soon as is reasonably practicable on returning to work, after an absence on Force Majeure leave, give notice in writing (on the sample form available from HR) to their manager of the reasons for the leave.
            • Part days absent on Force Majeure leave are regarded as one day for the purposes of the maximum number of days one can take.
            • Staff members may be asked to furnish HR with a doctor’s certificate containing particulars of the illness or injury of the person concerned.
            • carer’s leave What is entitlement to Carer’s Leave? The Carer’s Leave Act 2001, provides entitlement to staff members to avail of up to 65 weeks unpaid leave to personally provide full-time care to a person who is objectively assessed by the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs (DSCFA) as being in need of full-time care and attention. Once the DSCFA Deciding Officer determines that the staff member satisfies the necessary requirements, the employer is obliged to grant this leave. What is the procedure for taking Carer’s Leave?
            • The staff member must be with the company a minimum of 12months.
            • The staff member must apply to the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs for a decision regarding their entitlement to avail of this leave.
            • (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name) has no influence over this decision.
            • The staff member must give written notice to HR that they will be taking the leave no later than 6 weeks before the date they are due to leave.
            • If the DSCFA Deciding Officer recommends in favour, the staff member must be granted up to 65 weeks leave from employment.
            • This 65-week entitlement may be taken as a continuous period, or in separate unit periods (the minimum unit period is 13weeks), with the agreement of the Manager.
            • Staff members receive no payment from (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name) when on the leave, although they might be entitled to Carers Benefit on a means tested basis from the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs. Information on the criteria for qualification and application forms for Benefit are available from the Department (contact Tel.: 01-8748444).
            • Staff members (with some minor exceptions) are not entitled to work, other than performing the Carer’s role, whilst on Carers Leave.
            • The leave terminates when the staff member ceases to personally provide full-time care and attention to the relevant person. What do I do if I suspect the leave is being abused?
            • If you suspect there is an abuse of the leave, you should inform the HR Personnel, who will request a Deciding Officer of the Department of Social, Community and Family
            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade
            • Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 sPecial leave It should be noted that the 5360彩票官网 is under no obligation to grant any paid leave in the following circumstances - the granting of such leave is at the discretion of the 5360彩票官网 and is to be regarded as a 5360彩票官网 Benefit. comPassionate leave
            • Staff members will be granted special paid leave for compassionate reasons in the following circumstances: - Death of a member of your immediate family (mother, father, partner, children, brothers and sisters ... ... days (e.g. 3 days); - Other relatives (grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws) - ...day (e.g. 1 day)
            • Special needs arising from religious observance or physical distance of the bereaved should be treated with understanding and sympathy. Managers are advised to use their discretion when considering time off for compassionate reasons, and to take into account the context, timing, etc. , of the bereaved person.
            • In addition the company will consider requests for unpaid leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. Paternity leave This is not a legal requirement, but because of this special time, (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name) will provide a male staff member with ...day(s) paid leave. Staff members should notify their manager in writing of intention to take this leave, no later than 4 weeks prior to the date of confinement. marriage leave
            • If a staff member is getting married, (Insert 5360彩票官网 Name) will acknowledge this special occasion by providing ...day(s) extra leave.
            • This leave can be taken at the time of the marriage or added on to the annual leave total for the year. The procedure for taking marriage leave is as per taking annual leave.
            • Jury duty leave
            • Paid leave to undertake jury service or required court attendance as a witness will be allowed provided staff members notify their manager as soon as the notice or summons is received and that a certificate of attendance is provided on return to work. It is expected that a staff member will return to work during any portion of the day not spent on that particular duty.
            • In general, it is not possible for staff members to exempt themselves from jury leave once called, except in particularly extenuating circumstances, e.g. doing final exams, on maternity leave, etc.
            • In such special circumstances, HR will write to the Local County Registrar on behalf of the employee, asking for the employee to be excused from jury service. study/eXam leave
            • Staff members who are taking further education courses may be entitled to some study leave and exam leave. Affairs to make a decision on the validity of the staff member taking Carer’s Leave.
            • If it is decided that the Carer’s Leave is terminated, HR will notify the staff member in writing specifying the date of his/her return to employment. The employee must return to their employment on the specified date. rePort says all neW cars should Be electric By 5360彩票官网 A new report calls on the Government to set more ambitious targets on the use of electric vehicles.The study by the Oireachtas Committee on Climate Change says the project should be fast-tracked to ensure that all new cars on sale by the year 5360彩票官网 are electric.

            It wants the Government to set up a taskforce to ensure that Ireland becomes a global leader in developing electric cars over the next six months. Chairman of the committee, Fine Gael TD Sean Barrett, says it's a 'win-win situation' in terms on energy consumption and imports. Fine Gael energy spokesman Simon Coveney says people will buy electric cars simply because they are cheaper to run - not due to environmental considerations. The Government's target is for 10% of the car fleet to be electric by 5360彩票官网. Based on current numbers, this equates to approximately 230,000 cars. But Mr Coveney says it should be possible to have a minimum of 350,000 electric cars on the road and ensure all new cars bought are electric within 11 years.

            Mr Coveney dismissed the idea there wouldn't be enough electric cars produced by the manufacturers, that the salesroom price would be too high, and that the batteries wouldn't last long enough.

            Driving from Cork to Dublin you will simply swap batteries in Portlaoise. It'll be a little like a pay as you go phone, except it'll be a car," he said."Everybody sees transport as the problem for climate change, whereas it's actually the answer. It only costs about one seventh to drive an electric car compared to a petrol car," he added.

            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade

            economy Will Pay high Price as esB turns to Wind PoWer THE ESB's position as the dominant force in the Irish energy sector has come under sustained attack in recent years as a combination of regulation and green policies eat into its core business.

            Earlier this month the company announced a major jobs initiative, most of it under the banner of green technologies. The announcement provided Energy Minister Eamon Ryan with another opportunity to air his views on the Irish energy industry and to make the audacious claim that the plan represented "the green economy writ large and in action".

            It is not the first time words have become a by-word for action. Indeed, most of the initiatives announced by the ESB in its jobs stimulus plan had already been well aired. More than a year ago the company had launched a Strategic Framework to 5360彩票官网 that included a major investment in renewable energy with the aim of halving of its carbon emissions within 12 years. The plan involved spending some €10bn on renewable energy projects and investments to facilitate renewable energy on the grid, including smart metering and smart networks.

            The initiative on electric cars was also old news, having being announced weeks before the stimulus plan.

            This left the redevelopment of its Fitzwilliam Street HQ as the major new item in the ESB stimulus plan. Simply put, a major construction project, costing in the region of €200m, will be the most immediate job creation element in the proposed spend. For the rest, it is all a case of 'jam tomorrow', or as Mr Ryan himself noted, the ESB is "helping provide the jobs of the future".

            Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 1. If a company has an employee on a 3 day-week and that week that happens to contain a bank holiday is the obligation on the employer to pay the employee for the bank holiday or not? 2. If an employee is on a 3 day-week and he is requested to work an extra ‘normal’ day, is he paid normal rate or double rate etc.? 3. At what stage does an apprentice complete his apprenticeship and become qualified? a) at 4th year anniversary of his start b) 4 years + having passed phase seven final exams? 4. At what stage can an employer terminate an apprentice (with no redundancy paid) who have just qualified? 5.

            Has an apprentice rights to redundancy? 6. If an apprentice is doing his block release in FAS, is his employer obliged to pay his pension contribution? 7. If the apprentice while in FAS is working 4-5 hours per week for his employer is he and his employer obliged to pay pension contributions?

            8. Who is eligible for Statutory Redundancy? 9. What is the Minimum Notice period if the employee worked in a company for 13 years and then made redundant? 10. How many weeks wages would the employee in 9. above receive? 11. When an apprentice finishes his apprenticeship how aeci Brain teaser QuiZ Please read these questions carefully and submit your 12 number answers by email or fax to the AECI HQ and a winner will be drawn from the responses that have been completely answered correctly. A man owned a small Electrical Contracting 5360彩票官网 in Ballyferriter. Epace claimed he was not paying proper wages to his staff and sent an representative out to interview him.

            I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them,” demanded the rep. “Well,” replied the Contractor, “there is one electrician who’s been with me for 3 years. I pay him €800.00 a week plus free room and board. The secretary has been here for 18 months, and I pay her €500.00 per week plus free room and board. Then there’s the halfwit. He works about 18 hours every day and does about 90% of all the work. He makes about €20.00 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of whiskey every Saturday night. He also sleeps with my wife occasionally”. “That’s the guy I want to talk to...

            the half-wit,” says the agent from Epace. “That would be me,” replied the Contractor.

            long has the employer got to release him without paying redundancy? 12. If the employer wants to re-employ the released apprentice in 11. above, how long must he wait to do so? PS: The answers will be confirmed on the next newsletter or AECI information email. entertainment

            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade

            Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 taX information The Budget as announced on 7 April last stated that, with effect from 1 May 2009, mortgage holders will only receive mortgage interest relief for the first 7 years of their mortgage. Confusion has arisen among mortgage holders as to whether or not their mortgage is within the crucial 7 year period and also as to whether the relief will be suspended temporarily while Revenue determine who is entitled to the relief from 1 May onwards.

            7-Year rule important points It is important to be aware that switching lender or mortgage type to achieve a better interest rate does not equate to a new loan.

            However, moving 5360彩票官网 and taking out a new mortgage for this new 5360彩票官网 with a new or existing lender is eligible for relief for 7 years from the date of first payment on the new 5360彩票官网 loan. Furthermore, if you top up an existing mortgage, which is over 7 years old and the top up element is used to improve or extend your 5360彩票官网, the relief will apply to that top up element for 7 years. Mortgage interest relief is available on qualifying mortgages. What is a qualifying mortgage? A qualifying mortgage for the purpose of mortgage interest relief is a secured loan, used to purchase, repair, develop or improve your sole or main residence, situated in the State.

            With regard to the new Revenue have clarified the position, as follows: -First time buyers who are within the first 7 years of their mortgage will continue to get the relief automatically until the end of the 7th year of the mortgage.

            Non first time buyers who are within the first 7 years of a qualifying mortgage are entitled to the relief. Revenue is liaising with financial institutions to identify the non first time buyer account holders for whom mortgage interest relief will be available under the new 7 year rule. For non first time buyers, no mortgage interest relief will be paid from 1 May until entitlement to the relief has been established. Where entitlement to the relief is established under the new rule, the tax relief at source will be reactivated automatically in June. Any arrears of the relief will be credited to the accounts of eligible mortgage holders without the need for any action on the part of the account holder.

            Where entitlement to the relief cannot be established, Revenue will be contacting the account holders in writing in the coming weeks. Where such account holders provide information to Revenue that establishes entitlement to the relief, the relief at source will then be reactivated by Revenue with any arrears being credited to the account. If you believe you are entitled to relief under the new rules but your relief at source is not activated in June, we would advise you to contact your bank manager for clarification. Budget Changes to Mortgage Interest Relief - Revenue Clarification Stamp duty owner-occupier relief - Revenue audits Revenue are examining in detail cases where owner-occupier relief was claimed on the purchase of a residence.

            Where this relief was claimed but the property was subsequently let out, a claw back of the relief may arise. In respect of properties for which the legal title transferred before 5 December 2007, a claw back of owner occupier relief arises where the property has been occupied as a principal place of residence and subsequently rental income or payment in the nature of rent, (other than rent under the "rent a room" provisions), arises within 5 years from the date on which the legal title passed. Where the legal title transferred on or after 5 December 2007, this period is reduced to 2 years.

            Please note however, where title passed before 5 December 2007, to the extent that the property is rented out on or after 5 December 2007, it will not trigger a clawback of the relief where the renting occurs in the 3rd, 4th or 5th year of ownership.

            Use of single premium investment policies for tax evasion purposes - Revenue investigation Revenue has announced that is will ndertake an investigation into single premium investments of €20,000 upwards from undeclared profits or gain. Revenue is currently seeking High Court Orders to compel Irish Financial Institutions to provide information on policyholders who invested sums of between €20,000 and €50,000 in single premium policies in the period 1 January 1990 to 31 December 2003. Previous investigations have focused on single premiums of over €50,000.

            Thus this investigation is aimed at catching undeclared tax arising on premiums which fell outside of the terms of the previous enquiry.

            Revenue will request the insurance companies to include a declaration form for compliant taxpayers to complete and return to Revenue. The wording of the declaration forms is currently being drafted. We will update you on any further announcements from Revenue regarding this investigation.

            Aeci neWs - the Biggest electrical trade

            Chris Lundy, AECI fighting for Electrical Contractors against strong opposition in Vincent Browne, TEEU and the Socialist Party. Chris Lundy, Executive Secretary of the AECI defending the reasons for our Association rejecting the proposed (€1.05) increase. Visit us at www.aeci.ie September/October 2009 Notice to hereby given to members that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland will be held at:- 11.30am on Saturday 14th November 2009 at the Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham, Dublin 8. D.McGloughlin,5360彩票官网 Secretary,Unit 9, KCR Industrial Estate, Kimmage, Dublin 12 Any further information regarding this event, please contact David McGloughlin on 01-492 9966.

            eXtraordinary general meeting laBour court hearing rea high court challenge A Public Hearing has been called by the ENJIC (Electrical Contracting National Joint Industrial Council) to ratify or reject the proposed increase of €1.05 (in the Labour Court on the 27th November 2009) which the AECI strongly objected to. The challenge being brought to the REA (Registered Employment Agreement) will be heard in the High Court in the first week in December 2009. Exact day to be confirmed.

            dePartment of enterPrise & emPloyment The Minister’s delegation of Mr. Peter Cassells and Mr. Finbar Flood have completed their rounds of talks with all the Bodies related to our Industry and AECI feel that our delegates at these meetings have left the Minister’s office with no illusions regarding the many issues that are causing major problems with our Members in the Electrical Industry. Minister Mary Coughlin may make a statement on this matter in the next few weeks, which we will watch and listen to carefully. 6th July 2009 - tv3 nightly neWs 7th July 2009 - tv3 ireland am.

            Date: Friday 27th November 2009 Venue: D4BERKELEY (Formerly The Berkeley Court Hotel) in Dublin 4 Time: 7:30pm Dress: Black Tie Cost: €79.00 per person A limited number of rooms are available at a special rate of €95.00 per room (breakfast €10.00 per person extra) is available.

            Tel: 01-668 4468 and dial 3 for reservations. Twin Room ref: 143234, Double Room ref: 143235.

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